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Buying and selling whisky casks online.

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image-placeholder  is an online portal connecting cask buyers and sellers through a confidential  network of brokers within the Scotch Whisky industry.​The site is most suitable for private individuals with casks of Scotch whisky that they wish to sell, but lack the necessary market knowledge and connections to do so.​Cask-Brokers will handle all aspects of the cask purchase and sale, thereby unburdening the client of what can often be a complex process.​

About Us


Cask-Brokers is operated in association with Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky Limited of Huntly, Scotland. Established in 1938, Duncan Taylor are stockholders, blenders, bottlers and brokers of the finest single malt and single grain Scotch whiskies available. ​Our staff have been involved in the cask brokering business for many decades and have successfully bought and sold casks for and behalf of clients throughout the world.​The process is simple in that you the customer provide details of your casks for sale or alternatively details of casks you wish to buy. In most cases we can match a seller with a buyer and vice versa.

Buying a Cask


At Cask-Brokers we have been buying and selling whiskies of all ages, from new fill to the oldest and rarest vintages, for over 30 years. As a result, we have developed a worldwide network of contacts, enabling us to lay our hands on even the most elusive casks.  We deal with a variety of casks in all shapes and sizes, including Octaves, Quarters, Barrels, Hogsheads, Puncheons and Butts.  We can source casks from around the world including Scotland, Ireland, Japan, North and South America, Europe, The Caribbean and India, while available whisky types include Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish, Japanese, Danish and Swedish. In addition, Rum and Cognac casks are also bought and sold by  If you wish to buy a cask, please provide us with your full details via the form below, including your date of birth and your wish list of sprit/cask types that interest you most. We will then provide you with a range of available casks that match your requirements, along with their current broking price.  Please note the terms and conditions of sale and purchase as it is important that you are aware of the various costs, duties, taxes and restrictions involved. These can be found if you scroll down to the FAQ page.

Selling a Cask


If you wish to sell a cask, please fill out our form below and send no larger than 1x100ml sample of the spirit held in cask for our evaluation and cost estimation. On receipt of the information Cask-Brokers will provide you with the current broker value and whether we have a purchaser interested in acquiring your cask. Please note that the bonded warehouse currently storing your cask may make a small charge to withdraw a spirit sample. Cask Brokers cannot be held responsible for any of these charges. If you are unsure, please contact the owners of the bond for further information. Alternatively, we will will be happy to advise you on how to proceed. Please send all samples to:​

Cask Brokers

King Street

Huntly, Aberdeenshire

Scotland AB54 8HP

Cask Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided some frequently asked questions regarding cask purchasing and bottling below. If you have any other questions which are not covered here, please get in touch.

1. What do I get for my money if I buy and bottle immediately? When you purchase any of our casks for immediate bottling you are paying for the spirit in the cask. The actual empty cask is always retained by as it will be re-used for further maturation purposes. You are purchasing, distilled and matured in Scotland, single malt or single grain whisky stored under British Customs and Excise Bonded control. Your whisky will not attract excise duty until it is removed from bond.
2. What is excise duty? This is an amount levied by the UK Government and in fact all governments of the world as a tax on alcohol. 
3. When if at all would I have to pay this duty? The tax is paid on removal from bond after bottling. If you decide to ship the bottles overseas, under a bonded shipment, the UK duty does not need to be paid, however, you have to pay your country's duties and taxes on arrival. Please note that the USA has specific circumstances that can lead to additional charges being made due to the three tier system of import. We can supply further details of this upon request.
4. The duty and tax issue seems to be very complicated, how do I go about this part? It is not so much complicated, more time consuming, and is better left to professionals who specialize on import. has representation in a number of countries and can assist with bottle importation if you require. There will be costs associated with importation and these are passed on to you, they vary depending on your country of residence. Prices for import to USA on request. Note that these charges are exclusive of import taxes.
5. Any other specific issues? We don't supply to any countries or states that ban alcohol!
6. Can I get my own label designed and applied: Normally all bottles are prepared with the standard label clearly stating the whisky type, age, date of bottling, bottle volume and strength. However, you can have your own label designed at a cost of £100 per design (allows two proofs for your approval, further proofs are charged at £25 per proof). For own label an additional printing cost of £1 per label is added due to the low volume print run. will soon have a facility for you to design your own label online to set templates, this will allow a less expensive form of own label design. (Watch this space!)
7. Can I get bottles dispatched individually to my friends or business contacts? Yes we can provide this service. Costs depending on current courier charges and destination of goods.
8. Delivery and Shipping: can ship your finished cases to anywhere in the world where alcohol is allowed, through its network of distributors. There will be a charge for this at cost + 5% handling. Prices on application. (Please note: we do not ship any casks out of Scotland). 9. Duties and local taxes: All taxes of any kind are to be borne by you the owner of the bottled whisky. will deliver only via its local distributors in whichever country the goods are destined. Prior to uplift you will have to pay import taxes and any other local taxes to our nominated local distributor. A further payment of 20% VAT is added to the charge.
10. Bond transfer: Your finished cases can be delivered bond to bond duty free. However this can only be done on clearance by UK HM Customs and to a recognized bond, you will require a WOWGR form before we can deliver. There is a charge for bond to bond delivery to cover Customs paperwork. For bond transfer to other countries out with the UK the same regulations apply.
11. The Cooperage: All of the casks used by have been manufactured from the finest oak grown either in the United States or Spain.  The skill of the Cooper is evident in the final whisky: well balanced, fresh and with abundant taste. only use time served coopers with a lifetime of experience. You will be amazed by the quality of workmanship should you visit our facilities in Scotland.

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